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Dongguan Hongwei Display Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, is a research and development, design, production and service as one of the professional plastic processing plants, production of various thick plastic, large-scale plastic, acrylic production of modern products such as enterprises The The company has 3,000 square feet of area, divided into CNC aluminum die engineering department, blister boot department, acrylic production department, for supporting the production of another fuel injection department, silk screen Department. PS Blister Blister Blister Blister Blister Blister Blister Blister Blister Blister Blister Blister Blister-1005.cc-澳门手机网上博彩娱乐公司
The company is equipped with Taiwan's imports of CNC, thick film plastic machine 10 (4000 * 2000 * 800), high-speed plastic machine two, flat CNC8 Taiwan, acrylic laser machine, split machine, folding machine and other advanced production equipment to ensure that Sample production and mass production of precision and progress. The company according to customer needs can be customized imported sheet and acrylic, while domestic high-quality sheet to apply to market demand. Color, lines can be customized according to the requirements of all lines on the market, you can also order as required anti-UV, anti-ultraviolet, fire, fire and other requirements.-澳门金沙6535.com
Type: ABS, HIPS, PS, PP, PE, HDPE, ABS / PMMA, ABS / PVC, PETG, PET, PVC and other thick plastic processing. Products applicable to: machine shell, car shell panel, plastic tray, home appliances shell, beauty equipment, light box shell, toy car shell, plastic word, bathroom products, refrigerator liner and so on. Widely used in automotive, electronics, toys, stationery, medicine, food, cosmetics, handicrafts, machinery, hardware and other industries.
"Proofing quickly, on time delivery, the price is reasonable, quality and stability" is the operating principle of the enterprise. The company will go all out and is willing to domestic and foreign customers become the best partner for a long time!-00345.com澳门金沙网上赌场

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